WM Grants Hendricks Facility 11kV

After energising the HV infrastructure for distillation line number 2 we were invited to the open tender for the new Hendricks facility and following a successful bid we launched into the design, supply, installation and testing of a complete HV substation and associated LV board within two matching GRP enclosures.

The enclosure for the LV panel was also required to house the MCC and as a result it was over 12m in length. This was delivered to site fully erected and fitted out with lighting and small power, it was lowered into position alongside the HV enclosure and on completion the LV switchboard was installed and the LV cables from the transformer were connected.

An extensive earthing installation ensured that the Hendricks substation was securely connected to the site “global earthing” system and that step and touch potentials were within limits for a “cold” site. The primary switchgear, transformer and HV cable runs were installed and a temporary supply was used to provide services to the substation during the installation of the battery charger and remote operating panel. This was closely followed by the substation commissioning.

The works were completed ahead of schedule and all documentation was submitted within one week of completion. The successful completion of this project resulted in Labron Technical Ltd being asked to tender for the Mature Spirits Supply project at the Girvan site.